Thursday, September 10, 2009

Kenny G

In my smartest class, there's a student named Kenny. His English is amazing, we discuss Harry Potter quite often, and he's a funny guy. For whatever reason, his name on the attendance sheet is actually Kenny G. I think this is because his last name begins with the Korean letter that could be K or G, and there was already another Kenny at the school.

Anyways, we sometimes call him Kenny G, just for fun.

I thought he knew about the "real" Kenny G already. Funny enough, he didn't. As I learned when we got our latest issue of Kids' Times, and the last article was a huge two-page, full color spread about Mr. Saxophone himself. Of course, Kenny was impressed enough to mention it again today.

"Teacher! I can't believe I'm named after the greatet sexicon player ever!"

I don't know what a sexicon player is, but I imagine it's something all boys aspire to be. Usually his English is impeccable, but we all make mistakes... and his was HILARIOUS!

Speaking of English, my friend Paul, another teacher here who also speaks Korean, was walking home last night, when a group of extremely soju-drunk Koreans walked out of a bar in front of him. He heard one of the men say to the women (in Korean) "Oh look, a foreigner. I speak English well!"

As Paul approached the man said, "Hello!" Paul replied, "Hello." After a pause, the man said enthusiastically, "Cafe Latte!"

Apparently his English IS great! What else could Paul do but say right back, "Cafe Latte!"

Love you all!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My kids are sweet... Mostly...

My kindergarten class and I have become extremely close. We're like a little family. We know each other's quirks and pet peeves and how to irritate one another and how to make each other laugh, cry, or pull out hair. But mostly we love each other :)

Last Friday, we were coloring after lunch. My kids had rocked it out all week, and we had nothing to do but enjoy some music and coloring time (ps - they're particularly fond of Ghostbusters and Yellow Submarine). As we were coloring, Andy said, "I think Teacher is beautiful."

So sweet. Who doesn't love a spontaneous compliment?

Not to be out-done, the others started chiming in with "Teacher is an angel," and "Teacher is a beautiful angel," and "Teacher is a beautiful princess angel!" (Can you see why I love this job?!?!)

So I was basking in the warmth of the love of 8 six-year-olds when I got into the office after Kindergarten, when Sally popped her head in the west door of the teacher's room and shouted, "Teacher is beautiful!" Some of my co-workers were in the office and I could feel their envy when they all said, "Awwwww..."

10 seconds later, Sally opened the east door of the office and this time I heard her shout:


I think it's true that each of us has had quite an effect on our students, and you can see each Teacher's personality reflected in the atmosphere and behavior of their class... I just regret that I'm so damn funny! :)

Love you all!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Bali Photos

I've become a terrible blogger. Have some pictures.

Hope you enjoyed them!
Love you all!