Thursday, October 22, 2009

Everland Halloween Festival

Last year I was dying to go to Everland's Halloween celebration, but couldn't get anyone interested enough. This year, things are different. Two awesome ladies were just as excited as me to go experience all the Spook-tacular Magic of October in Everland!

It was as silly and magical and fantastic as I had expected! Of course, nothing was scary. It was just cuddly pumpkins and cute ghosts. And it was great.

The Dish and I, getting eaten by a giant pumpkin:

My awesome dates: Tricia and Emily (3):

It was a little too cool for a water ride, so Korean ingenuity kicked in - they covered each seat with these big velcro vinyl sheets!

Plus, Harry Potter even made an appearance!

In other news, we're still getting all geared up for Halloween in Kindergarten. The kids keep telling me that they've got these terrifying costumes planned so they can scare ME in the Haunted House (Eileen even told Tyler Teacher today that she was going to hide in the corner and trip him when he jumps out to scare her, hahaha).

Speaking of children saying awesome things, my kids constantly surprise me. Sun Q asked me the other day, "Teacher! Do you know what love is? Love is a very dangerous thing!" Also, while they were picking their seats on the mat for story time, three of the girls were fighting over who got to sit next to Sun Q. He looked up at me with this blushing grin and said, "I guess they all love me!" and shrugged his shoulders :)

And while we were writing about our favorite activities, Eileen asked me, "Teacher, how do you spell 'Servant of Evil'?" I almost fell over... A 7-year-old wants to spell Servant of Evil?! I asked her why she would want to spell that, and she said her cousin in Canada told her that was the name of the scary movie they liked... I told her "Let's just write 'scary movies.'"

That's the update for now. Please leave comments. I'm begging for them, people! And more updates soon - this weekend is The Dish's big surprise!!

Love you all!

Monday, October 12, 2009


I can't believe it's been over a year since I moved to Korea. It's certainly gone by too fast, and it's sort of blowing my mind that I only have about 4 months left...

It's fall in Korea, again... I will definitely miss how beautifully and gradually the seasons change here. We had Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving) recently, so the kids wore their hanbok again:

The Class:

The Girls:

The Boys:

The girls showed me how they bow to their elders on Chuseok in return for money (I didn't have any to give them, haha)

And my most favorite student finally came back from being in Canada for nearly 3 months! I missed Eileen SO MUCH!

If you're bored, go check out last October's Chuseok post and look at how much they've changed in a year... they're getting so big!

We're also gearing up for Halloween again. You may remember last year's epic failure of a song... This year we're going for gold. We're singing a song called "Creeping Creeping" (to the tune of "Are You Sleeping") and they've mastered singing in a 4 part round, complete with choreography! Cross your fingers for us!

Also, with the change in weather came a deep-seated ache for football. Especially with the Favre drama. Lo and behold, I was able to watch the first battle between Favre's Vikings and Rodgers' Packers...IN A BAR! ON A BIG SCREEN TV! It felt like I was back in the States!

Other than that, life's been pretty routine here. I've just been having good fun with great friends:

And cleaning up after filthy kids :)

We've got some great things planned for the rest of October, though, so hopefully by November 1 I'll have some more blogging to do :) Next weekend we're going to Everland for their big Halloween extravaganza, then the weekend after we have a big surprise planned for The Dish (because we love her). Then it'll be Halloween, and I can promise great pictures from that day!

Love you all!

ps - if I'm not posting something you think I should be paying more attention to, let me know. Now that the novelty's worn off, I'm kind of at a loss!