Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Here we go again

So we have about 2.5 weeks before takeoff. The Murph, Jesse, and I are moving to South Korea. I was offered a job at a brand new school, which is exciting, though it does come with a whole new set of challenges.

We have done our best to explain to Murphy what's happening, but she's 19 months. All she knows is that we are going to ride on an airplane, and she gets frustrated when we're not going right now!

JD is excited, too. I wonder how this must feel for him, venturing into something completely unknown. It stirs something in my heart to realize the level of trust he has in me, trust that I am not dragging us into anything too crazy or miserable or dangerous.

And I am just flat thrilled. Thrilled to be back, thrilled to have solid public transit again, thrilled to show my family around Korea, and thrilled to have this opportunity to experience the country through a totally different lens.

Here we go!