Monday, February 6, 2017

Conquering the White

Sometimes I really want to blog, then I feel like a giant cliche.

Everyone has a blog. And most people's are actually about something. I just like to write. About myself (ha). But self-deprecation aside, sometimes I really want to post something new. And sometimes I don't have anything to say.

Long ago, I heard an artist speak. Or I had an art teacher. Or I saw one on TV. In any case, someone who knew a lot about art once said that the hardest part is getting started. That sometimes you just need to get the brush wet with paint, touch it to the vast expanse of pale canvas without knowing where you're going, and the rest can just pour out of you. Conquer the white.

That's what this post is. I'm conquering the white - getting something posted in 2017, so my fingers remember what it feels like, and my voice remembers how to come through my keyboard instead of my mouth.

Feels good.