Thursday, June 26, 2008

Comment me!

Modified: I have fixed the comments so ANYONE can leave me a comment! Woo hoo!! Just click on "Comments" under the blog, then type your comment, enter the code word thing, then click "Name/URL" and put your name in the box (you don't have to leave a URL).

Seriously, once I'm half a world away, these comments are going to be crucial to my survival. They'll help me combat homesickness as I experience another culture. Remember, you, and only you, can prevent tourist cryers....


Tuesday, June 17, 2008


For Don, who's so interested :)
I'm still waiting on Southwestern to send me my degree... I have to FedEx my original degree, a couple passport photos, a copy of my picture page from my passport, my sealed transcripts, and some health form to Park English (the recruitment agency I went through). They e-mailed me today asking when I thought I might have that sent. Stupid colleges taking their time....

Once they've reviewed everything, they'll get with the school (LCI Kids' Club) to gather the necessary documents for my E-2 visa. When I get that info, I'll send it and my passport to the Korean Consulate in Chicago, and should, within a few days of that, have a Visa stamp in my passport which will allow me to teach English in South Korea. Woo HOoo!!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Because it's official now... (Official means "My contract is sent in, and I told work about it")

Just cross your fingers that nothing hangs up the visa process!!

I'm going to Korea!!! (And go figure, I'm going to Yongin, which is home to Korea's most popular amusement park.... YESSSSSS!!)
UPDATE: Check out the descriptions of the rides there... Too funny... "Get down with your body and mind!"